Camille Stearns Miller

Camille Stearns Miller is a labor and employment attorney that has represented Fortune 500 companies, medium and small corporations, county and local government entities, including school districts, in employment litigation matters before federal and state trial courts, appellate courts and administrative agencies.

Professional Advisor

Camille Stearns Miller practices in the areas of labor and employment law which includes: representing churches, school districts, corporations and governmental entities in employment litigation, providing HR training, advising clients on a variety of HR related issues, representing management in labor arbitrations and other labor disputes and conducting EEO investigations.

Ms. Stearns Miller has also represented various clients in municipal finance litigation, education law, transportation law, negligence and intentional tort claims.

Employment Litigation

Defends management and individuals in federal and state courts regarding discrimination claims, employee contract disputes, covenants not to compete and other employment disputes.

HR Training, Counsel and EEO Investigations

Provides HR Training and counsel to churches, corporate and governmental entities. Conduct EEO/internal investigations.

Labor Arbitration

Represents management in disputes regarding terminations, suspensions, contractual language interpretation, etc.

Education Law

Defends school districts in employment disputes, constitutional law claims, negligence and intentional tort claims. Familiarity with issues regarding special needs students, bullying, and other education hot button issues.


Defends various church personnel, churches and church based organizations with labor and employment disputes, defamation, negligence claims, fraud and internal due process claims.

Negligence and Intentional Tort claims

Defends general negligence claims and intentional tort claims such as defamation (slander and libel).

Labor and Employment Attorney

Ms. Stearns Miller routinely provides advice and counsel to churches, corporate and governmental entities, including school districts, regarding topics such as: personnel policies and procedures, terminations, suspensions, at will employment issues, independent contractor issues, reductions in force, FMLA and disability law accommodation issues and questions regarding federal and state law discrimination statutes.

Ms. Stearns Miller is also familiar with various provisions of the Texas Education Code.

Law Offices of Camille Stearns Miller


Ms. Stearns Miller served as lead counsel for an international seat belt corporation in its San Antonio, Texas facility regarding an American with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), and hostile work environment case. The Court granted Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgement and awarded costs.


For a two year period,
Ms. Stearns Miller serviced an international telecommunications client regarding their internal employment issues. All of the clients human resource representatives across the country contacted Ms. Stearns Miller to provide advice and counsel regarding a plethora of employment issues. She provided similar advice and counsel to other companies, governmental entities and school districts.


With over 30 years as a Labor and Employment attorney, Ms. Stearns Miller works to develop close relationships with clients. She prides herself on the personal care we offer to both business and individual clients. Whatever your legal challenges, she will help you face them. Request a consultation to learn more